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Being a great leader – whether that’s in your personal or professional life – requires you to know your strengths as well as those of the people you are leading.  Being clear about your own goals and mission, knowing how to balance your well-being with your other responsibilities, knowing how to motivate and encourage others, and understanding how to effectively implement change is essential. However, knowing you need to work on these things and being able to accomplish them can be a challenge if you are on your own.

Anne Papinchak, Great Work Coach CEO, has been working with existing and upcoming leaders for decades. Through her holistic coaching, clients on all levels have achieved greatness as leaders by gaining clarity of their vision and gifts, as well as learning how to utilize them while attaining inner balance and personal well-being. Clients also develop skills and characteristics such as self-regard, connecting with others, effective communication, resolving conflict, setting priorities, and much more.

Contact Anne to explore:

  • Leader and manager professional development
  • Assessment of strengths and opportunities for developing and implementing action plans (org, team, individuals)
  • One-on-one and group/team coaching
  • Strategy development and implementation
  • Organizational design - including best processes, structure, leadership, talent strategy, and culture to execute strategy
  • Human Resource Talent Strategy and Management
  • Quality management and continuous improvement consulting

Sometimes finding the path to make that happen can be overwhelming and frustrating, but that doesn’t mean you should give up and settle for less. Schedule a coaching session in-person or online with Anne Papinchak at Great Work Coach to achieve the outcomes you desire!

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